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Incredible craftsmanship isn’t just a story, it’s the Gaggenau standard. The level of design excellence and design detail makes each Gaggenau appliance a statement in and of itself – an expression of a unique style that also follows the tradition of functional German design. The result is a record of new and visionary innovations.

Founded in 1683, Gaggenau is the ultimate luxury appliance brand on the market today. Because modern kitchen design demands built-in appliances that are made to work together, the brand’s products are designed to perform at the highest of standards. During the design process, Gaggenau is always thinking about the end user and how the at-home cook can be as accomplished as those emerging from professional kitchens. Never settling for anything less than extraordinary, Gaggenau appliances also blend seamlessly together. Stainless steel fridges integrate perfectly with large wine coolers, ovens align with built in coffee machines, cooktops blend effortlessly into the Teppan Yaki. For Gaggenau, ultra luxury is more than a price point, it’s about giving their customers what they need – the absolute best.

Gaggenau Chicago

Even 336 years later, the brand continues to redefine the built-in kitchen appliance industry: Gaggenau debuted the 400 series cooling concept, a fully integrated range of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine climate cabinets which can, together, meet an array of interior needs. Making it possible to have a beautiful yet fully professional kitchen in-home, the 400 cooling series pairs perfectly with the handleless 400 series ovens and push-to-open dishwasher for the first-ever fully handleless kitchen design.

As a full appliance line, the 400 series is noticeably elegant and powerful. It mirrors what today’s most beautiful interiors all have in common – design elements that complement each other. The 400 series bridges the gap between luxurious, modern kitchen design and professional appliances. Everything has been considered; a beautiful aesthetic with absolute cooling, baking precision, and cleaning systems. Nothing is left to be desired.

Beyond a meal, Gaggenau appliances unite people on a deeper level; well-designed products and expert service is just the beginning. With a taste for savoir-vivre and a deep appreciation for culture, the Gaggenau cultural connoisseur values extraordinary design and high quality products in all spheres of life. Their sophisticated taste allows them to appreciate the quality of materials, aesthetics and fine details, all of which come together in the kitchen where they educate and indulge both themselves and their guests.

Enter the world of Gaggenau, where it’s ever-important to make an emotional connection to the appliances you live with. Ultimately, it’s about giving the means to do something that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do.

You are invited to visit one of their 21 global flagships, including the Chicago Merchandise Mart showroom.

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