Gold Sponsor: Videography

FineCreativity Inc. is a Chicago-based video production company that specializes in creating promotional short films for the creative community, particularly in the areas of design and architecture.

Lester and Nela, founders of FineCreativity Inc., are dedicated to producing compelling short films serving artists, interior designers, architects, and realtors. They draw a lot of inspiration from their clients and the stories behind their brands. They tell the story of their clients through the platform of short films. These short visual narratives are an effective way to increase brand awareness and attract audience attention. Armed with their passion for creativity and design, their vision is to make their short films reflect their clients’ creative journeys and keep their potential customers well-informed on what they have to offer.

FineCreativity Inc. offers the following services: short film, short film for social media and website, recruitment and project proposals, and 3D rendering and animation. Each project is aimed at showcasing the artist and the brand. The goal of each output is to significantly impact the audience with an innovative and engaging visual message.

Lester and Nela are not only committed to serving their clients, but they also know what they’re doing. Before starting FineCreativity Inc, they had considerable experience working in the retail and design industry.  It is while they were working with various architects and interior designers that they gained insights in contributing to the design community by using short films.

Both affiliated members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago, both Lester and Nela are committed to FineCreativity’s vision of creating short films for the creative community. This makes it more possible for the public to have a more informed decision when picking a professional. Lester, a self-taught artist, is very active in the community, frequently attending design and technology networking events to promote and connect with new clients.  Nela, on the other hand, is more involved in social media marketing and web design.